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9th January 2015

Hundreds of Catholic Parishes throughout the UK directly added their Christmas Mass Times to the online Catholic Directory in December. Parishes were able to add their Christmas Mass Times in a few seconds and the appeared on the website instantly.

The number of people using the site is even more staggering: as many as 28,000 pages being viewed by over 16,000 people in a single day.

As well as having Christmas Mass Times on the website - there is the most comprehensive list of Catholic information for the UK on the web. There are in excess of 45,000 pages on the website with every parish, school and Mass Centre having a page. There is also information about the priests throughout the country and you can find your nearest Mass Times.

One of the most unique things about the directory was the fact that parishes were able to put their Mass Times in their local Catholic Newspaper and the information would be automatically added to the website - so parishes could promote their Christmas services in a way that doesn't exclude those who prefer not to use the Internet. It also shows off the versatility of the online Directory system and how it can be used to make almost any system or administration process faster, cheaper and more efficient.



The number of pages viewed are only those pages viewed by an individual using the site - it does not include pages viewed by search engines such as Google.

The number of pages viewed is not to be confused with the number of hits the website gets - when a page is viewed once it generates a large number of hits. So the number of hits would be many times higher than the number of pages.


- It has been running for 18 years.

- It is the front end of a huge database which provides the foundation for many IT systems used by Organisations/Dioceses/Publications/Churches

- It has be put together without costing the Dioceses/Bishops' Conference/Parishes any money or using any of their resources

- It is part of the CathCom Group

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Contact Nick Layton, 01440 730399


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